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No more Study,slides,papers and Exams

No More IT for 3 days Before go back to my work

More sleep and Games

Happy term vacation to all hope all get some fun and don’t loss it

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Summer 2009

El salam 3alykom we ra7ma allah

Today is 3/10/2009 the start of study time 😀 and in the same time the end of summer vacation wow i’m so smart .

i love this vacation , i think i made a lot of things good like IT works,religion and fun.

Religion: i think i became better than last i enjoyed last RAMDAN sure there r some things i have to solve it , i think i can make it good soon 🙂

FUN: I enjoyed with all my friends in my team CAT or in my faculty or my closed friends in childhood playing,going trips and camps

I spent lovely time in my lovely city Alexandria with my friend in Eslam Mahmoud Birthday.

I spent more nice times in GAMSA CAMP.

i can now play some ping and snooker 😀 , i think i made bingo and boody so mad


I got my Microsoft Certification for Graphics diploma

i worked as Graphics instructor in a company in El-Mahla El-Kobra as PART TIME.

i made my  2nd private Photoshop course .

i made a revision of my knowledge in PHP and Java script.

Finally i started to reed in CSS for about 5 days and i developed my first demo gallery.

i made some UPDATES is my Deviant ART profile

I love this summer , i think i have spent more nice times in it and some dead moment but all things pass 😀 -كله بيعدى- i think it’s so cool .

SO What about you????

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Finally I’ll get my rest , ONE week in our faculty camp in GAMSA 😀

i’ll miss u- my blog- one week .


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