Summer 2009

El salam 3alykom we ra7ma allah

Today is 3/10/2009 the start of study time 😀 and in the same time the end of summer vacation wow i’m so smart .

i love this vacation , i think i made a lot of things good like IT works,religion and fun.

Religion: i think i became better than last i enjoyed last RAMDAN sure there r some things i have to solve it , i think i can make it good soon 🙂

FUN: I enjoyed with all my friends in my team CAT or in my faculty or my closed friends in childhood playing,going trips and camps

I spent lovely time in my lovely city Alexandria with my friend in Eslam Mahmoud Birthday.

I spent more nice times in GAMSA CAMP.

i can now play some ping and snooker 😀 , i think i made bingo and boody so mad


I got my Microsoft Certification for Graphics diploma

i worked as Graphics instructor in a company in El-Mahla El-Kobra as PART TIME.

i made my  2nd private Photoshop course .

i made a revision of my knowledge in PHP and Java script.

Finally i started to reed in CSS for about 5 days and i developed my first demo gallery.

i made some UPDATES is my Deviant ART profile

I love this summer , i think i have spent more nice times in it and some dead moment but all things pass 😀 -كله بيعدى- i think it’s so cool .

SO What about you????

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15 thoughts on “Summer 2009

  1. bingorabbit says:

    ya 3eyounak ya gabayrak :D, danta 3alek 3een, law el koora gowa el pocket, w hanel3ab 3aleha wenta mosh 3ayezna negebha hatetla3 ya ragel 😀

    Happy for your achievements, although I know you have more to give and I know you will. You are a great generation guys, you, Safwat, Boody, Eslam, Eleven, Ahlawy MMF, Sayef Fat7y welli faker enni neseto ana 3aref enno 3aref enni batmanalo kol 5eer..Rabena yekremko,

  2. elahlawy says:

    مبروك يا ميتو بيه على الحاجات الحلوة الكتير اللي انت عملتها في اﻻجازة التيييت دي
    وان شاء الله اشوفك معانا هنا قريب

  3. Rana says:

    amazing summer bgad 🙂
    congratulation gdnnnnn 😀

  4. key of life says:

    مبرررروك يا بشمهندس كلها حاجات حلوة جدااا
    وإن شاء الله في تقدم مستمر
    مع إن الأجازة دي كانت غريبه نوعا ما بس الحمدلله
    أخر أجازة كبيرة 🙂
    بعد كدا بقي الدراسه هتفنش 😦

  5. Ahmed Samir says:

    Good For you, Keep it up my friend 🙂

  6. My Fate says:

    كل سنة وحضرتك طيب
    وألف مبروك لكل الحاجات اللى عملتها
    والمهم أنها كانت اجازة حلوة
    وخصوصا أنها الأخيرة 🙂
    وربنا معاك وتحقق أكتر من كده بكتير بإذن الله

  7. Karim Allah Ahmed says:

    “The start of study time” … Ok , don’t we all agree that such things shouldn’t be mentioned , at least not directly or in public. 🙂

    I loved the vacation too , i loved it so much that i won’t admit it’s gone ( and i won’t act upon that ), and it’s never the start of any study time for me 😀

    It looks like you’ve been busy doing things this summer , aywa ya 3m.
    Nice work ya Mr. metoo and keep it up 😀

  8. Thanxxx RANA,GYAR,KEY OF LIFE,Ahmed Samir and my fate

    ya rab tekon sana sa3eda 33alikom

  9. waleedamin says:

    اولا حاول تشيل الجمله الاعتراضيه الاخيره عشان مشوهه صوره الوست
    ثانيا يا رب اجازاتك كلها تبقى سعيده والسنه ديه كلها تبقى سعيده علينا كلنا

  10. The King Of Sadness says:

    مبرووووك يا حبى على كل الحاجات الجميله دى
    وان شاء الله على طووووول كده وتحقق كل اللى بتتمناااه

  11. […] And i wrote some posts can describe the year at all like 2008 gone ,Days with CAT,Summer vacation. […]

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