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DSP Madness (2)



After this post I’ve closed this teeeeeet subject

Today at the morning i’ve been started studying again this teeeet
NOW … I’ve finished the Image processing Part without Understanding the Digital Signal Part “I’m Not 3ABQREEENO” I’m just a man hate studying unusable academic subject .

now Why the 3abqrenoo Dr said that  “انتو مث هاتفهمو ايمجدج من غير ديجتالك ثيجنال  “????

i hate this teeeeeeet Dr ,WHERE R U DR A.SAID TOLBA .

He is the man for this place really , i missed him so much , i missed the man who understanding us more than us

Really i missed him , i wanna see him befor graduate , me with My IT Team wanna to see him the leader of our graduation project :((

Till now i remembered the first lec in my life in my faculty “El 5ameees el sa3a 9 AM ” about 25 : 30 /9/2006 and before that the interview with him in hall in science faculty when he said  “I’ll Lead the IT Dep. the new Dep .”



thank u dr for all thing u gave it to us .

Oral Exam :Going Image Processing Oral Exam with understanding only what my name is 😐 , ed3ooooooooooly

back with great feeling 😀 A- and 10/10 in matlab “ya raaaaaaaaaab kamlha 3ala 5eeeeeeeer “


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