Proud to be EGYPTIAN

Now i can say

We can represent AFRICA And Arabian Nation in World Cups

All the world see Who Deserve to be KINGS OF AFRICA

We won 4 games with 4 world cup nations Teams “Nigeria,Cameron,Algeria,Ghana”.

That prove what i said before PROUD TO BE EGYPTIAN

Video of last goal by GEDOO

Some photos

i LOVE this photo 🙂

Congratulation to all of us Arabians and Egyptians

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8 thoughts on “KING OF AFRICA

  1. elahlawy says:

    مبروووووووووووك لمصر يا معلمي
    واهم اهم اهم المصريين اهم

  2. BooDy says:

    الجون كان جامد لأقصى حد

    و الاحتفال بالنتيجة و فرحة الشعب كله كانت حاجة لا توصف …

    يوم جميل جدا … كفاية انك شايف شعب كامل فرحان 🙂

  3. bingorabbit says:

    My legs are still aching 😀

    Congratz all :), Al7amdolelah 🙂

  4. SimbaGirl says:

    مبرووووووووك علينا كلنا
    وياارب يديم الافراح داايمااا

  5. emanD says:

    1. Mabrook l masr kolaha.. 🙂 🙂
    2.gareedet el shorook says en el la3eeba bto3na kano b ya5do monashe6at of comments in your blog this time >> 900 comments MSA 😀

    • 1.Mabrook 3aliki allah yebark feki
      2.Ye2olo ell ye2oloh 😀
      3. yes but fe e7s2yat el blog says taht it’s 918 not 901 🙂

      any way there r MORE Records I’ll write about it SOON

  6. @ElAhlawy @ EMAN
    thanks … mabrook 3alina kolna

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