Exams In Progress…


Hello all , Al Salam Alikom

Today Is The starting of Final exams week .. hope god be with me as usual

The same it’s the time of Angola CAN 2010  .. hope Egyptian national team do it as usual

Today i saw the latest theme of WordPress blogging system monochrome i like it and applied it directly to my blog as usual :D.

Hope u like my new theme and pray for me and my friends to pass these exams AS USUAL , BYE BYE

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10 thoughts on “Exams In Progress…

  1. Alex MIDOOO says:

    i replay as usual
    allah with us ya metoooooo 🙂

  2. roma says:

    nice theme

    rabna ma3ak fe el examzzzzzzzz 🙂
    kolena kona laha 🙂
    rabna ywafa2ak isa

  3. diaaeldin says:

    rabena m3ak ya me2 w ywf2k fi sho3’lak w 7yatk isA

  4. BooDy says:

    nice theme dude 🙂

    rbna m3ana fel exams 🙂

  5. BooDy says:

    BTW look how many comments that google reader sees in this post:

  6. emanD says:

    hwa ana msh shayfa el theme l2n ana connected mn el mobile
    bs akid mabrook anyway 🙂
    ya rab n-pass el exams kolna w el monta5ab y-pass el matabat elli f 5el2eto de..
    good luck..slam 🙂

  7. @Alex,Diaa and roma .. thanks to ur words .. hope u like it as usual 😀

  8. My Fate says:

    الثيم حلو فعلا
    وربنا يخرجنا كلنا من المنحة دي بسلام 😀
    ربنا معاناااااا

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