Hi all

Al salam 3alikom we ra7ma allah we brkatoh

After this post challenge.Start , It’s great to say that challenge.Stop

really this year the worst year i’ve spent in this faculty , but we pass it thanxx god

So we decided to make final exam is a cooooooool day , and we did it 😀

we did our exam in about 30 min all of us finished it Quickly ,then we went to pray and have a nice time talking, playing , chating and waiting the clock reach to 6 PM .

Then we go to the stadium to play football we took this stadium in olympic stadium in mansoura university from 6 :8 PM … we had a very cool time playing win and loss ,run and jumping :D.

Then we went to Pizza Station to have our luanch after praying ,20 boy in pizza station 462 LE in a lunch and 5 tables , it’s so maaaaaaaaaaaad .

And we watched the match Egypt VS Algeria in it 😀 , we spent 3 hours in pizza station , after this teeeeeeet match all of us ” byshed fe sha3ro 😀 ” .

Then we go back to home with my freind A.Samir Abo El asrar .

But All Team still in STs till el FAGER , to be with Alexandria’s men “Our Friends” , really i wanted  to be with them but MY DAD ,what can i do 😀 ??


relax from IT one weak .

bye all my visitor

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3 thoughts on “challenge.Stop

  1. my fate says:

    ألف مبروك الاجااازة
    بجد دي اسوأ سنة فعلاا الواحد شافها فى الكلية دي
    بس خلصت الحمد لله
    واخيرا فرحااانة جداااا
    أحنا لسه ماحتفلناش قوي
    بس قريبا هنحتفل هنحتفل 🙂
    ويا رب كل الأيام تبقي حلوة كده 🙂

  2. hoda says:

    اجااازه سعيده ان شاء الله
    هو فعلا امبارح كان يوم جميل جداااااا
    ربنا يكتر من الايام الحلوه
    واحلى حاجه ان اصحابك يبقى حوليك
    احنا برده دافعين مبلغ كده اكتر منكوا شويه صغيرين
    هابى اجازه

  3. key of life says:

    ||really this year the worst year i’ve spent in this faculty
    صح فعلاااا صح برخامه وغباء كمان
    يلا الحمدلله
    وألف مبروك علينا الأجازة
    المشكلة الحقيقه الي صديقتى الأي تيهايه فكرتنى بيها
    إننا هندخل رابعه
    (أيموشن أزرق وأحول وجاله سكتة قلبيه من الخضة ومااااات)
    ربنا يستر بقي

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