Days with CAT

For about 30 day, I started with my community CAT “Computer assistance team” to organize and present some events

First we started to prepare for a large and international event called (WordCamp Egypt 2009) , in these days we had to organize our scope 10 so we started to organize it we did progress in short time about 3 days before the event

Scope 10, I can’t forget this days it’s the first time to give a session. I think it’s so good ,all feedback make me so happy

Scope 10 done in 24/3/2009, good

Then we come back to organize our international event that we had to held it in 28/3/2009 with my team depiak one on CAT teams

We didn’t relax, working working design design marketing marketing go and come back ,

it’s the time we finished this biggest day , i met men and spent a day with very nice men and I spent a very nice day with Jane wells one of automatic member which develop this wordpress , in this time I couldn’t describe my happines.

WoedCamp Egypt was finished

Now I have to organize another day that we delayed it to 31/3/2009 from 1/3/2009, so no relax again

My friend boody ‘Abdullah Saeed’ called me to go with him and Ramy El Morsy ‘our admin’ to print posters. It was the time of Egypt and Zambia match but we went to print, we finished it @ about 12 we drunk a poryo juice 😀 from new one we discover him.

In next day we went to put posters in faculty and went to print flayers which we designed it me and boody. Then we finished it at about 4.00 pm

Then we did this day that called PIXIDAY 2 by GFX team in CAT which called Pixicat, I love this team

then something happened  after this day that made me angry with someone i respect him more and more, i didn’t imagine that our first talk be like that

Anyway I’m sorry if my words angry you I’m so sorry, forgive me

This last month it’s more and more tired and great I spent nice, great, happy and sad days in it.

Thanks all CAT members thanks god.


6 thoughts on “Days with CAT

  1. BooDy says:

    what a terrifying title!! 😀

    i thought you’re going to leave CAT … i think the title really says that! 😀

    anyway … though there are some grammar mistakes 😀 i could understand what you’re trying to say! 😀 😀

    i just can’t imagine how couldn’t we take some rest …
    till now, i’m doing my best in CAT … and i’ll always try to 😀

  2. Mohamed Atia says:

    yeah me too thought like Boody 😀 😀
    God be with you

  3. key of life says:

    بما أنها أيام حضرتك عشتها فأكيد هتحسها أكتر
    بس أنا بقي حسيت معاك حته البريو 🙂
    أعتقد أنه كان من اللحظات السعيدة
    ربنا يوفقك دايما يا بشمهندس
    وتبقي قد المسئوليه

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